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What is the Crockett Pressurized Irrigation (PI) Project?

In 2016, the Crockett Avenue Irrigation and Distribution, Inc. hired a team of consultant engineers to evaluate the installation of a PI system and other alternatives within the Crockett service area. After more than two years of coordination with stakeholders including Crockett, Logan City, North Logan City, Hyde Park City, and the Cache Water District, the Crockett Pressurized Irrigation Master Plan was completed in the Spring of 2019.

The Master Plan identified the alternative with the greatest overall benefit, which is to construct a PI system throughout the entire Crockett service area to deliver secondary water to each property within the Crockett boundaries for residential, commercial, or agricultural outdoor use. A map of the Crockett service area can be found here: Crockett Service Area Map

Why is Crockett pursuing this project?

A complete PI system throughout the Crockett service area would address the identified water-related challenges, provide significant benefits, and be financially viable.

  • Reduces future culinary (drinking) water infrastructure needs
  • Adds stormwater capacity
  • Reduces sewer flows that need to be treated caused by canal seepage
  • Reduces pumping from culinary (drinking) water wells
  • Conserves water through more efficient delivery system
  • May allow space for trails to be constructed along canal rights of way
  • Increases protection of water rights by putting surplus irrigation water to beneficial use
  • Enclosed irrigation systems are safer than open-canal systems
  • Increased availably of grants for secondary water systems
  • Increases flexibility with irrigation times and methods
  • Increases reliability of water service to users and USU
  • Land with access to pressurized irrigation increases property value
  • Removes the need to replace the Crockett diversion structure

A more in-depth description of each of the benefits of the proposed project can be found on the home page of this website under the Benefits section.

Has a final decision been made?

No. Crockett, Logan City, North Logan City, Hyde Park City, and the Cache Water District are working to identify funding opportunities to complete a thorough environmental study. The purpose of the study is to evaluate whether the proposed action or other alternatives would cause significant environmental effects. Environmental studies of this size normally take between one and two years to complete.

When will this project be built?

Because this project has not been through a multi-year environmental process, the timing of construction has not been determined. If the project as proposed is approved, construction dates will be determined during the design process.

Any action alternatives will be presented to the public for comment and review. The final decision regarding if the proposed PI system will be built will be made after the environmental study is complete.

Does this project affect me?

Should the project be constructed, all properties located within the Crockett service area, Logan City, North Logan City, and Hyde Park City boundaries would be affected and would receive the long-term benefits of the project. A map of the Crockett service area can be found here: Crockett Service Area Map.

How will this project affect me?

Residents within Logan City, North Logan City, and Hyde Park City will see that future utility rate increases will be less than if the project were not constructed. Also, if you own property in the Crockett service area, you will receive a pressurized secondary water connection.

How would I connect to the proposed system?

The exact details of individual connections have not been designed yet. Should the proposed project be constructed, the project team will coordinate with individual property owners to connect to the new system.

If I don’t have water shares how can I connect to the proposed system?

Should the project move forward as proposed, property owners within the Crockett service area will be provided a secondary water connection for residential, commercial, or agricultural outdoor use. Project team members would coordinate with individual property owners during the design and construction phases of the project.

Who will be responsible for maintenance of the proposed system?

This has not been determined yet. Potential solutions for the long-term operation and maintenance of the system can be found in Chapter 13 of the Master Plan (link). The entity that will be responsible for maintaining the proposed system will be finalized during the planning and environmental stages of the project.

Will my connection to the proposed system be metered?

Yes. Should the proposed project move forward, individual connections will be metered. Metering new pressurized secondary water connections was made mandatory by the State of Utah under Senate Bill 52 in the 2019 General Legislative Session.

How will the PI system impact water levels at First Dam?

The intent of the current design is to use First Dam as a storage reservoir for the pressurized irrigation system. The water levels at First Dam will fluctuate depending on the inflow from the Logan River, the current demand throughout the PI system, the reservoir releases, and the UWRL diversions.

I have more questions. How can I get additional information?

Please refer to the Contact Us page for contact information to the project team. Feel free to reach out to the project representative from the entity you are concerned about.