Although Crockett operates independently from local municipalities, its service area includes land within Logan City, North Logan City, Hyde Park City, and Cache County.

Crockett and the three cities impacted by Crockett’s operations are facing immediate water-related challenges. Decisions made today about local water management impact the future success and growth potential of Cache Valley.

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After identifying the water-related challenges and recognizing the need to begin addressing them now, Crockett moved forward with finding a solution. Crockett hired a team of engineering and financial consultants to perform a feasibility analysis of three alternatives and evaluate which alternative would adequately address the identified challenges, provide the greatest long-term benefits to all stakeholders, and be financially viable.

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    Do Nothing – Maintain the existing water delivery practices
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    Pressurize the Existing Canal Crockett Distribution System – Enclose the existing Crockett open-ditch system along the main canal alignments with a pressurized pipeline and continue delivering irrigation water from the main canal alignment to current shareholders through open ditches and gravity pipelines.
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    Construct a Complete Pressurized Irrigation (PI) System – Construct a PI system throughout the entire Crockett service area to deliver secondary water to each property within the boundaries for residential, commercial, or agricultural outdoor use.


The result of the conducted alternative analysis and evaluation recommended that constructing a complete PI system throughout the Crockett service area would address the identified water-related challenges, provide significant benefits, and be financially viable.


Next Steps

Crockett and the cities within the Crockett service area are continuing to investigate the installation of a complete PI system and are working to distribute the results of the study to interested stakeholders and the public.

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